Friday, 4 October 2013

Getting sidetracked

I think that could be the title of my biography , spent ages tracking down a sold item yet again today , then i found a bound edition of Theatre world 1930 at which point I ended up wallowing in nostalgia for ages , i was reared on a diet of old movies and real theatre,  movies with my dad and theatre with my mum , they couldnt stand each other so I was their plus 1 from a young age .

I know Burlesque is very trendy these days but have you ever seen the likes of Valerie? talk about letting your grapes dangle  Im not that old that i can remember the 30s theatre but a lot of the old black and white movie stars started there .

Do you ever get the urge to REALLY answer ebay questions

Does anyone smoke in your household ?  Only when the dragon comes our from under the stairs
Please could you wrap this well?  No im going to put your valuable 99p china item in a plastic bag with an address label on .
I have allergies ....pass me the peanuts
Do you have pets ?  no i have kids theyre more dangerous
Is this item real?  Best not answer that one

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