Thursday 17 October 2013

Motivated Thursday

A hard day at work in the real world , late home and ive left everything in the car . Its pitch black and like a swamp outside so ive dragged something off the shelf to show you today .

This weeks edition of the Girls Own Paper from 1881 , those were the days.  back then every middle class girl aspired to win a prize in the annual competition for a drawing or painting on the subject of adversity . Two guineas wasnt to be frowned on back then . A visit to a cotton mill to look down your noses at the poor clog wearing girlies was suggested so you might learn your place?? Answers to readers questions always amuses me , lots of pull you down for your spelling or handwritting answers.

Things have changed a lot, now its how to apply a vajazzle for 12 year olds , everyone writes in text speak and  how to be a right old slapper 10 years before your time, while for the big girls theres Mollie Makes to show you how inept your crafty efforts are

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