Wednesday 30 October 2013

Running Away for the Weekend

Am I packed ? have I told work yet ? Do I care ? Noooo
I love Mr Bah Humbug, hes dragging me to Scarborough and Whitby for the weekend I dont celebrate Halloween but this is my idea of fun , just about every variety of alternative lifestyle in one place  . I am besotted with all things Goth , I was one at the time , now i adore Steampunk and its many facets . I wish I had the confidence to dress this way again , that day will come .
Its good of him to take me , hes going to stand out like a sore thumb and love every minute of it , he wears Camo day, night and for every occasion. But he loves the clothes and says he would just look like a miniature Meatloaf bless him.
 My inner goth means that i live with Dr Martens  practically 24/7 and i just love anything black and lacy . but im an old bird now and im still in my menopausal cocoon  waiting to emerge, hot flushes and taffeta just dont mix , but i do have a wardrobe full of Victorian mourning clothes shut away for that day , I must be the only person who loves their white witch streaks coming in to their hair .
Back Sunday folks , with hopefully lots of weird finds to show and tell !!!

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