Sunday 6 October 2013

Newark Autojumble

Another lovely day trailing round the huge auto jumble at the Newark Showground , good weather brings out the sellers and theres a lot of weird items dragged out from sheds and garages , great if you want to find stuff to repurpose
Even remembered to take my camera!!
You know all those womens magazines telling you how to find a man , where you hang round supermarkets and fondle the veg or join a male interest evening class . They got it so wrong , put your big boots and hoodie on girl and head to the Autojumble

You can even get a customised cycle trailer , funnily enough my sons auditioning a Hayley for the role of daughter in law .. But seriously im kicking myself, it was so huge and crammed full today that I turned down a mint 60s Ercol rocking chair thats been on my wish list for ages , just because it would have been a struggle to carry it through the crowds , Mr Bah Humbug said if it was still there on the way out he'd buy it for me. Of course it wasnt,so I didnt buy a thing , looked at lots but ive so much in the queue waiting to be finished that it could be spring before i finish my xmas projects
Heres a few wee bits ive scored in the last few days , the filthy retro Not a Boom Box for 50p actually worked !! I was planning on using it for a weird handbag , but theres a teenager whos willing to cut hedges for it   Yet more studio pottery , green Lotus that can hide in my filling cabinet till people appreciate it more and a nice Celtic Pottery planter , dont you love the the 70s dress , found it in a bag of scrap material from my step mum , I know it was my kid sisters I remember trying to drown her in a waterbutt. when she had it on ..Ah, those were the days .
An Isle of Man TT mug a BT Cellnet brick phone mug, a modern studio cat ornament his marks so bad i cant read it but it begins with a B ..any idea anyone? tiny bottle of Grants whisky and a Milky Way moneybox , shant make my fortune with any of it , it has to be a better week doesnt it ?

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