Saturday 26 October 2013

Jumble Sale Heaven

Well today started nicely i'd planned to go to an auction but Mr Bah Humbug didnt surface very early so that plan went out of the window because  i have small grandson all weekend, so couldnt go alone . when he arose he sheepishly asked if there was anything i wanted to go to this afternoon and as a punishment I suggested a local Jumble Sale...he he he
So he got the pleasure of chauffer and childminding duties while I went to a very quiet jumble sale , strangely quiet in fact . One of the old ladies at the front of the queue pointed out there was another bigger jumble sale in town so everybody would go there first .

This is the first local sale ive been to where i havent been trampled by bag lady, shes a local dealer of linens who just hurls herself across the household linen table, scoops everything into huge laundry bags and screeches "How Much?"at the poor defenceless pensioner running it. She never even glances at whats she got .lol , so today me and another lady had a field day , ive aprons, embroidered cushion covers knitted blankets , the rosy curtains in some dreadful 60s manmade fabric ,pillowcases. Theyre looking a bit windswept here but were expecting a hurricane tomorrow. I was quite restrained really . I even bought a vintage dress because I liked the colour, id need a gastric band to fit in it , so i suppose i will have to flog it on ebay .
Then the lady on the bric a brac stall started getting desperate and you could fill a bag for a £1 . It would have been inpolite not to wouldnt it?

So i came away with 2 vintage fly fishing ties , a rather scratched and battered jewellery box with nice interior that just screams decoupage me , it will have to join a very long queue of projects im afraid . The Heavy 50s gilt and flower glass jug. A really old and delicate 21 horseshoe , that ive no idea what on earth i could use it for but its pretty .
Meanwhile for all you household and kitchen experts what is this heavy stonewear dish supposed to be used for , ive been using it for pies but its to big to be practical , its seems old

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