Monday 30 September 2013

Political Monday

So its conference season, where we all get to be bored to death , the other week we had Gromit gurning aka the leader of the opposition  , then we had Mr Carrier Bag Clegg the most irritating man out . Now its Dave and the public schoolboys . Dont you just wish his wife would get a life and run off with a hunky ex SAS bodyguard , Dave could take to drink in a big way , the kids could go to rehab, might make any of this interesting . Heres Dave in his second job , modelling knitting patterns . Sorry fellas and ladies we realise youre the biggest bunch of self serving backslapping liars out there.  The countries gone to the dogs , the only boom industry is Foodbanks .
So lets all shop on ebay , just to save the

.Meanwhile in the world of ebay its the end of the month , which means I must try to use up a bunch of free listings they gave me for locking me out of my account, struggling to find little bits and bobs . Maybe more craft and knitting patterns they make pennies but they do sell . Or postcards? ive a box somewhere lol...

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