Friday 27 September 2013

Car Boot On A Friday Whatever Next

You know when you see that sign car boot today , you automatically assume its just been left there since Sunday. Driving past Market Rasen Racecourse and theres a little car boot sale , so i was forced to pull in and have a look , probably 20 stalls , but even at half past 10 they had nice stuff , mind you the weather was on its side, glorious sunny day in late September. I filled a bag , a miracle for me .Fabric for ME and yet more breakables WHY.  But another month and there will be no car boots , so got to make the most of it while it lasts .
I think its game and fox hunting week for me today , nice JAJ Pyrex hunting cup and saucer , set of tot glasses and a Edwardian China planter that boasts pheasants and roses

So please can someone answer a question , I dont quite grasp Pyrex Love , for me its just a functional item, thats used on a daily basis even if some is my mums from the 50s, it seems to be taking off in the UK now , but its still cheap and cheerful except at Vintage

Be proud of me look at the dust on my Singer !!!

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