Wednesday 1 January 2014

A Victorian New Year

Ive really had to search for these little bits of New Year , im rather lacking , which for me and Victorian cards and ephemera is rather strange , i will have to keep my eyes peeled on my travels.

First stew of the new year bubbling in the slow cooker , traditional beef with the twist of a sweet pepper and 2 big spoonfuls of Approved Food cheap mango chutney , the carnivore members of the tribe can winge this month im afraid , I havent a lot in the freezer , but its nothing new and theres more than plenty to last till the end of January or truthfully till
 Once youve had the experience of having nothing to feed your kids on , however many years ago , it turns you into a store cupboard hoarder . So ive enough rice couscous and pasta to feed an army tucked away . Theres all the xmas leftovers hidden in the freezer , stock, vegetables and  a mountain of mash . We roasted the last of the sprouts yesterday with olive oil and garlic. theyre nearly giving them away now so i may get a couple more stalks and craftily serve up sprout slaw.
Weve done really well this year nothings gone to waste , apart from half a black pudding that got left out of the fridge and didnt pass the sniff test . And an out of date double cream that was tucked behind something else in the fridge . Does anyone else bake with sour milk and out of date dairy products ? My gran always did and nobody died, but people look at you as if your about to commit mass murder these days ...ho hum

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