Friday 3 January 2014

Progress , Well ive cleared one pile

Ive had a quite fruitful couple of days rooting and putting away , with xmas sales at  having been not to bad. I actually have room to move .
The shop is virtually empty , ive done loads of listing onto the terrible Ebay Turbo Lister and I just need one evening when the internets fast enough to upload  You can of course schedule your listings but they charge extra to do it , which when its low value items makes a difference .
I seem to have found lots of low value items , a box of postcards that i swapped with the gentleman on the next stall at a car boot sale , and yet more photographs .  But having moved everything I managed to get down to my shelf of craft books and as they were out for a dust here they are .

Do you think theres a bit of a theme here? Kaffe Fassett , Ehrman , William Morris , Cats and Victoriana , ive always been a sucker for coffee table craft books , most of them are from car boot sales and ive rarely paid more than a £1 for them , ive another shelf lower to get to , but i think that will be a while yet .

Anyway today im celebrating , I take dreadful photos , but one of my scannered bits of Victoriana has been featured at    thankyou so much .
Please be aware ive no intention of copyrighting any of my ramblings or images of what i find and collect , this is my little bit of public viewing space that anyone can view and enjoy
( I hope)
Meanwhile at the Thrifty Grove , theyre trialing a blog link up with a difference this week
hope ive got this right , it seems such a good idea

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