Wednesday 29 January 2014

Disorganised Wednesday

My blog Keeps growing ...Thanks to all those who have visited and especially those who have decided to stay , I think it may take me a week to make my way through the whole list. Meanwhile in the real world ive had a hard day tackling my tax return , theres nothing quite like leaving it till the last minute, it sort of energizes the whole experience , especially if youre chronically disorganized like me . Well I say me doing it , really I just hurl it at the eldest in a heap and say "do something with this" . not sure about our parent child relationship but it always ends with me getting a long lecture about how shes given me files and has done spreadsheets why have i not used them
I look on in amazement at all those blogs that feature 101 ways to have the perfect life  , im a great believer in building my nest in this corner , more to keep the cold off me than anything , piles of craft supplies make an amazing draft excluder , USB gloves can also be worn on your feet and a ski mask is guaranteed to scare any burgler who looks in the window .Im afraid im a chronic muddle along sort of person . But you have to remember that come the zombie apocalypse I will be well prepared to stab them with an extra large knitting needle , crochet large zombie catching nets , and theres a good supply of bamboo needles that might come in useful for vampires .

 So heres a picture of yesterdays little score , Hornsea salt jar unusual pattern and colour and salt is quite a rare one to , straight into Lesley Anne Ivory Ginger cat box , well it it the image of my fur baby before he lost his figure . then there was quite a lot of wool which ive also popped into the shop having taken what i will use out of it

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