Wednesday 8 January 2014

Boston & Pyrex

Trotted off to work in Boston today , finished by dinner so plenty of time to wander the huge amount of charity shops . Overflowing with stock and what did I buy a single summer shirt off the £1 rail so that was 11 charity shops and i spend £1 , some of them still have the space heaters on from the floods just before xmas .and a nice aroma of mould . Its a bit sad really theres a few shops have builders working but others are just stood sad and empty . Boston seems to have been forgotten because it picked itself up and got on with it , you didnt see Mr Cameron hanging round there for a photo opportunity and that night the church in the picture ended up with 12ft of water inside

Now I have a question for the Pyrex people out there . Was I mad not to buy a set of 6 JAJ Pyrex cereal bowls in this design ? one that ive never seen before . In the UK Pyrex isnt the big seller it is in the states , ive a weakness for Tally Ho and will buy it if its cheap enough and it does sell, but most of the other JAJ designs apart from the big casseroles and mixing bowls are really slow to sell , due to the weight they arent that good to ship either. We live in a country where the dishwasher is still a teenager , so its usually in really good condition,  i was debating buying a few bits to put away for a rainy day .

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