Tuesday 28 January 2014

Negative Tuesday

Im here!!! it has been a long very damp , very boring day in the real world of work today . Not made better by coming home to child murder by my daughter ( doesnt that sound like a thrash metal track title? ) and that vacant whats for tea look from the rest of them .
Well sorry folks my back is killing me and all your getting is all the half bags of anything thats been chucked into the freezer in the last 12 months, the cook is on strike .
I wish i could say I have stacks of thrift finds , but a day in Skegness is always very lean on the thrift front , plus the constant driving rain didnt help. I had a whole 3 hours to kill between jobs and you only get 30 minutes to park in the town center without a bank loan .I did find one newbie to me charity shop only open on a Tuesday in the County Hotel , it was full of little old ladies who i think were hotel all year guests , they had a roaring fire so i did hang round and have a root . It was really reasonable and a clothes seller would have had a field day , lots of big name stuff . But I can hardly dress myself let alone buy clothes to sell ..lol
After picking my nails sitting in a car park on the seafront looking at errrr rain , I finally escaped and managed a quick pop in to my favourite haunt at
spilsby , Keiths Rescue Dogs , yeah £1.50 for a bag full,. I cant even photograph them because NOBODY has stolen my lightbulb , the inquisition will start shortly , cheese gratering their toes sounds good to me.
Do not annoy a crabby menopausal fat bird , we are dangerous !!!

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