Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Pulling Teeth Season

Ive had a wander to the seaside today bonny Skegness then back to Spilsby  and bought nada !!...The charity shops are rammed to the doors with stock but nothing quirky or interesting . Ive Grimsby tomorrow so maybe im just being to picky . Every shop seems to have Pyrex ,has everybody replaced it for xmas? if they have what could they have replaced it with? Pyrex has to be the most useable collectable out there.
 Just one thing caught my eye  a set of 6 shot glasses in their original box the packaging is really tatty but theyre great it has vintage cars with a little RAC box and edwardian ladies and gents .
Ive sold the glasses before , they dont make a fortune but they do sell , so into the shop they go

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