Saturday, 4 January 2014

Love the 70s

Well the internets been a bit better today so ive managed to upload some of my mountains of listings on to ebay , ive lots more to do but at least were not swamped out or blown away yet . sometimes im glad were 25 miles from the sea .  It looks like this is going to be a winter of big destructive storms , theres not a thing we can do about it , just watch. The gardens a swamp and it rained under the front door last night . More to come i gather
Anyway , just because this made me smile I thought id share this 70s Kniting & Crochet book , with the infamous bottle dogs and loads of weird and wonderful animals , ive got a pack of vivid wool hidden away so i might have a play this evening .

Back to work in the real world Monday , so normal service may be resumed if theres anything in the charity shops . I so need a thrift fix

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