Monday 20 January 2014

Ladybird Book Love

Once upon a time I was given a Ladybird Book , I was 3 years old and an aunty bought me Rumpelstiltskin for xmas . I was so frustrated that nobody would read me the story that i taught myself to read , I was a very annoying child and thereafter I have never taken  my nose out of a book for more than a few hours . as an adult i started buy ladybird books for pennies wherever I saw them , I taught my kids to read with Peter and Jane and now my 5 year old grandson prefers them to the rather odd reading scheme they have in schools these days .

 I recently found The Flickerdick hidden away , it was old when i was given it as a child dated 1947 . My daughters favourite was Lucy Leek & Bertie Brussel Sprout , well she is a Lucy . I didnt realise I had quite so many as i have there must be a couple of hundred , nowadays they cut them up to use them for decoupage but the quality of the illustrations has always been good and the topics a little strange sometimes.

Today I found Everyday Words for Numbers and  it still cost just pennies ...enjoy

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