Saturday 18 January 2014

Diary of the Frustrated Crafter

I really need to organise , but when all your crafting and ebay and real world work takes place in a 6ft square in the corner of the kitchen its just not going to happen is it . I exist in between the boiler and a filling . Plus when it gets cold this is the worst spot in the house so nothing much happens in here once the sun goes down and the heat from cooking tea goes . Its also the coolest spot in a summer it doesnt get any sun so its swings and roundabouts .
Today has not gone well on the crafting front , started looking for empty cotton reels for a couple of projects , find them after trashing the place,  search out some of the other bits you need then realise youve put the spools down ...somewhere....and i still havent found them. AARRGGHHH
Decide to get on with another WIP then find the glue has gone off , its a 30 mile round trip to get some , plus £5 to park , totally skint so have to put that all away again .
Drag out my cross stitch do half an hour then the munchkins are home and want to help ..AAARRRGGGHH
So I guess its got to be my hexies this evening nothing could possibly go wrong with that could it?
This is just a portion of the mess ive made today , id be ashamed to show anyone all of it

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