Monday, 6 January 2014

Thrift Starvation

Its been murder these last 3 weeks , unable to go and do the charity shops , stuck out in the wilderness . 
So today was a stunning anticlimax , all geared up for work and all work cancelled by 9.30
But this did mean more time to wander the charity shops !!!
I have wandered most of Lincoln and what have I bought ? Nothing . there wasnt a single cut price xmas item , it was all awash with gift sets that nobody wanted , most of them priced higher than the original store price . i was so bored I was looking through the clothes rails, but it was all sparkly tents in the big bird sections , you know the 2 inches at the end of the clothes rail stuffed in a corner bits they make the fat lepers struggle to reach . (national bitter and twisted fat bird day,  in case you hadnt noticed )
Household linen? Nope not a 70s tea towel to be found.  Books ?  how many more Dan Brown clones can they churn out ? It was all a sea of Blah , it was like a visit to Primark . Is this the end of thrifting as we know it ? Ive nothing to show at i must hang my head in shame , im a failed thrifter 

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