Friday, 24 January 2014

Robbie Burns & Other Gripes

Its been end of the month invoicing day today ,a little early this month due to my little incident with a back spasm . Yesterday i spent an awful lot of time wet through and freezing working in the real world . A hot soak and an early night cured the matter. Till I bent down this morning to put on my socks and spasmed . I literally just fell sideways onto the floor and couldnt move at all .
 So im laid there unable to move and realise im on my own in the house  , my mobiles wherever i put it down and the cats not much of a nurse . I was there for half an hour till it gave up trying to cripple me .
Is this the beginning of the end ? Am I officially a little old lady at 50 ? Will I have to wander round with a buzzer round my neck?
Its a sad fact that working for a living can leave you in a lot of pain by the time you reach your 50s , I spent my teenage years working on the land evenings and weekends and holidays . Then working in warehousing for years , so its just wear and tear for which theres no real treatment other than industrial painkillers which I dont take because i have to drive every day . I know its legal to drive with perscription drugs but its not a good idea for me .

But at least today has given me time to find a little bit of Robbie Burns from the Home for Redundent Volumes , this gorgeous bit of Victoriana  was another bin find , it still has the tissue paper over the plates and is internally perfect , I dont think its ever been read so I plan to curl up and indulge in a bit of nostalgia tonight  all ready for Haggis Day tomorrow

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