Thursday, 16 January 2014

Thursday Blues

Im afraid its the January blues setting in , ive thrifted so little this week , not listed much on ebay and read some seriously trashy novels . im informed that people can tell my mood just by the music that comes blaring from my corner when im down. At the moment im depressing everyone with the Carpenters greatest hits , skipping the weird space song of course . I think I suffer from musical schizophrenia, favourite cds in the car for work Gilbert and Sullivan and the Clash which are always good for picking the kids up with the windows wound down .
The kids know my wish list for my funeral  Johnny Cash Danny Boy and maybe a bit of Great Big Sea .
Its only January and I cant wait for Spring , the best ive seen is the catkins on my hazelnut bushes, then the music will turn to Guns n Roses , Bat out of Hell and Runrig or something ive picked up in the CD dump bins on my travels .

So tonight im off to sneak upstairs and watch my favourite chick flick The Jazz Singer , I was never a Neil Diamond fan till my mother and aunty dragged me to a concert under protest . He just seemed to enjoy what he was doing so much and he was damned good at doing it , then the dvd was a magazine freebie and i must have watched it a 1000 times . So please dont tell Johnny Cash my heart belongs to Neil Diamond these days  . He may just cure the January blues

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