Saturday, 25 January 2014

Grow Your Blog

Today is Grow Your Blog Day a wonderful concept , that seems to be a worldwide venture . So today as well as eating Haggis , I get to tour the world of blogs.  The southern hemisphere , just because its summer there and i need  blast of sunshine . The States just because I envy the space they all have and the fact its acceptable to be a Homemaker and even a Christian , both much frowned upon in the UK . Canada just because Im green with envy of the place . There may be many more places to visit , I hope so. Where else can you get a world tour , from the comfort of your own home .
So welcome to Kates weird world where I thrift shop myself through my lunch hour and then try to sell it all on ebay , while hiding away the bits I can manage to find a use for .
Thankyou to Vicki for hosting this Monster Party  at

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