Tuesday 21 January 2014

Ladybird Love 2

Its funny you pick up your first ladybird book in months and the next day you find another, Ballet . I did have this one as a child , so I will tell you my ballet story .

My mother in her urge to be more middle class decided that ballet was a suitable hobby for me . so every Saturday morning i was dragged off to ballet class in a local drill hall , i think it was a bid to make me more graceful and fairy like . Now these days I would have probably have been statemented as having Aspergers and Dyspraxia, back in the 60s no chance . I am so clumsy its unreal and I loathe social activities, so it was never going to go well . After 6 months of having to be dragged there quite literally screaming and kicking it was time for the annual show , i hadnt progressed a single grade so the teachers decided I would have to be a tree and sort of lurk in the background , meanwhile the dreadful Melanie who I went to school with pranced round doing a rather appalling impression of a swan. The trouble is she kept smirking at the tree in the background , so the tree decided to attack her mid production . I was dragged home in deathly silence to be killed and my mother did take a belt to me. But my dad crept upstairs later to offer his opinion " next time get her on the floor , with your weight she wont get up again" Bless him , he really should have had a son

Now you may be wondering why Susan from The Inquisitive Harvest Mouse is modelling here , well Susan is the child I really wanted to be , look shes dainty and perfect she got the pretty dresses , she had curly hair and a family that cherished her. Everyone should have a heroine , I found mine in a Ladybird book

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