Tuesday 31 December 2013

A Crinoline Lady New Years Eve

Ive never been one for New Years resolutions so the nearest i will get is the decision to do more crafting in the next year , for which I need decent lighting , i cant see to read or sew with crappy eco bulbs or led lights which we are burdened with due to fuel costs and daft eco policies . So i need some form of daylight simulation lamp and theyre not cheap...(mutters to oneself  and adds it to the long needs list )
So today I thought Id share my favourite needlework book with you, it dates from I think the late 40s and its glorious , crinoline lady embroidery , half doll tea cosy , knitting for dolls , felt dolls house furniture sets , I think the dreaded Kirsty Allsop may have a copy because shes stolen a few ideas from it over the years . its always a bonus when you come across embroidered examples from the book or the transfers used that you could get by mail

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