Thursday 5 December 2013

Blown Away By It All

Do you ever have one of those days ?
I had to work outside today in the arctic 60mph winds , you dont half get some funny looks when youve got sunglasses on this time of year along with your ski hat, gloves, scarves, huge Eastern European fur collared coat and a pair of DMs, sort of Baltic Granny chic . Im one of the chosen people, if my eyes get cold the lids start to swell and stick , hence the sunglasses , if id an ounce of sense I wouldnt have been out in it and i know that by tomorrow morning it will be Quasimodo time .
So try not to laugh at this tale , so im hanging around  trying to keep warm  by wandering in and out of the shops , first up is the charity shops , thought id loiter in the Hospice shop , spotted some vintage knee huggers and as had been raving about them this week , I picked them up for a closer look and the leg of one promptly fell off , so im stood there getting the death stares from the strange assistant holding one red felt leg, the manager comes up and grabs them and starts the rant about them being valuable vintage items. more like moth eaten kitsch tat but i hadnt got the energy for an argument . I offered to pay for the wretched thing, she was gutted when she turned it over and it was priced at 10p . So gutted that i scuttled off with my handicapped elf as she preceded to harangue her
staff for underpricing 

I did manage to find a few little bits in other shops  , couple of cross stitch kits, a kitchen saying and a really nice little needle case . Yet another jigsaw , but its round and its Waddingtons.  Pair of nice pillowcases that have 3 prints combined cant decide whether they are cutups or into the airing cupboard . The splendid cotton A line skirt in blue and green print that is a cut up, loved the material . But best of all just because it made me smile , a vintage holiday souvenir, a pair of vintage embroidered hankies complete with an amazing swiss cowbell key ring what more could i ask for .

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