Saturday 14 December 2013

Mouldy Towers Rant

Todays Rant has been inspired by  Serena I do have an ugly house , no amount of rose colored glasses or primping can hide that fact.
We live in a post war prefab  belonging to the local council , were lucky to have it, but it is the house from hell , its timber framed with pebble dash exterior , now in the states you build amazing wood houses . In the UK we didnt, these were thrown up after the war , supposed to last 10 years till something better could be built and somehow they never built anything else .  Originally it had an open fireplace to heat your water and keep the place warm, this worked really well because the fireplace was inside the central concrete core and once it got warm all the core gave out heat . Fast forward to the 70s when they got the urge to modernise , they bricked up the fireplaces and installed electric storage heaters , which in the days of energy strikes and cheap electric was an ok solution , the place never got warm but it kept the chill off . On to the 90s they decide to go green , sort of . They installed oil central heating replaced the metal windows with PVC single glazing and then it turned into house of mould , because the concrete parts of the house remain stone cold all the time and the windows are useless we have so much condensation that mould thrives everywhere . when we get down into minus figures we have mist hanging over the downstairs floors in the morning , you have to demould all the windows every day , your curtains get mould growing in them , so nice curtains arent worth having and they have to be thrown away every spring , carpets just rot due to the damp coming through the floors  , ive got industrial office style carpet tiles at the moment . theyre great but not that warm to walk on . Our kitchen is from the 70s and its a lovely brown formica that is falling apart .
Now energy is so expensive in the UK that if you can afford to run heating day and night in even the coldest weather youre well off , we had the council surveyor round he told us we must keep the heating on 24/7 open the windows for 10 minutes every hour and scrub all surfaces with bleach to keep the mould at bay . He also says the property would be condemned if it didnt belong to the
We also have a notorious council they dont maintain their properties very well, the government require a certain standard of housing on the day you move in after that they dont care , so when a property becomes empty they spend months bringing it up to the latest standard once youre in they do nothing , ive had water coming through the ceiling twice in the last three months they bodge it it leaks again , if you complain they just give you a list of private landlords .
So im grateful for a roof over my head many havent , but I loathe this place all winter . I can buy beautiful things but i cant keep them they would be ruined, so ebay is my outlet
In a summer we have a huge garden and a rural location which is great .

I have looked through hundreds of local pictures to try and show you the sheer awfulness of this property nobody has ever been that proud of living in one that theyve taken any

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