Monday 2 December 2013

Monday at the Charity shops

Memo to myself. do not walk away from the Blog to the kettle ,while youre USB heated gloves are still plugged in and on your hands
I was actually finished at work for 12 today , so ive had the chance to list a bit more in
I did a few crafty charity shops at the weekend and theres a few bits to show and tell , pickings are still very slim , but i enjoyed a good root round . Couldnt resist this thick heavy screen printed linen  tablecloth , loved the colors .

A little bit of Mary Quant , like new gaudy tablecloth

Then i spotted yet another vintage college scarf , i got home listed it and it was sold in 10 minutes , my only sale all weekend . But i havent got many xmas items on sale at the moment , ive a lot of local interest and crafty bits to go on before the christmas hols , they do tend to sell well when everyones sat at home bored to death for a week after the Turkeyfest .
Meanwhile ive picked up a bit more wool (like i needed any ) more gloves and mittens needed, they lose them as fast as i churn them out , im not a wool snob theres wool thats gorgeous to knit, £5 a ball,  feels lovely but as soon as you wave it at the washer its instant felt , im a great believer in oddballs and acrylic another symptom of my inherent meaness

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