Friday 20 December 2013

Tiny Thrift Haul

This week ive  had a budget crisis occasioned by the company I work for not paying me and Mr Bah Humbug not getting a xmas Bonus from his employers .  So ive only had pennies to spare for charity shopping . Rent and copious amounts of food have eaten the budget... We're going to be eating an awful lot of through to the end of January . this isnt a bad thing but I must remember that case deal can mean an awful lot of items. Pancakes for breakfast everyday through xmas , then yorkshire puddings with everything for the next month. Guinness crisps anyone?

It was a bit like been a kid again , opening a huge box and rooting through what id bought , I remember the days when everyone paid weekly for a xmas hamper and it was an event when they turned up, ham in pear shaped tins, tinned salmon, tinned cream , all things we didnt eat the rest of the year. Quality Street in a huge tin , unlike the weedy plastic tasteless offerings they make now . Then you got given the huge box to play in .
am I really that old that it was an event to play in a cardboard box? Maybe it was just grim up north ?

 Because we live ruraly  its 15 miles in any direction to a decent sized supermarket ,  having stuff delivered can be a better and cheaper option than travelling .
 Although i use the big supermarkets when they have free delivery offers , i do find ordering on line tedious , you find they promote the hell out of the big brands and then hide the value ranges in some obscure location on their websites . I cant get my head round couponing because there never seems to be coupons for anything I actually buy , im a cheapskate I guess .

So try not to laugh at my huge thrift Haul this week courtesy of a methodist church coffee morning in Lincoln A pair of flowery tapestry cushion colours , a bag full of pretty new crocheted doillies  and a little selection of vintage xmas , all for the price of a shopping trolley

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