Sunday 15 December 2013

Jesus Day

Come on hands up whos sick of the sight of Christmas already? If I see one more perfume advert I will scream , I dont quite grasp how anyone can buy a bottle of scented water for £100 and think that there missus will turn into a tulle glad image of thankfulness.
Its the stress getting to me , i have to be careful not to mention even vaguely that anything is nice or they will be out there buying it in mountains. When all i really would like is no arguments all xmas and sleeeep lots of it.
Meanwhile the Home for Redundant Volumes has gained another resident , I didnt realize that this was a complete book till I counted the pages,

they are all loose , given in 1892 to Cecil John Lestrange Malone from his affectionate father and mother . Enjoy the Old Testament Alphabet after all its sunday!!

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