Tuesday 24 December 2013

Merry Xmas To All

Maybe I could show you all the decorations ? My brilliant baking ? My perfectly wrapped presents ?

But then again in the real world , I could show you the 2ft xmas tree and my Winter King , the pillowcases of presents i didnt get round to wrapping , the £135 Asda bill from 5am this morning . My gorgeous family who make it all worthwhile , do I need to go on?
Have a very happy dysfunctional family xmas , remember you have to put up with them for one day a year  , I feel for those in America and Canada as you have Thanksgiving as well , but hey you have a beautiful large country and gorgeous big houses so you can escape from them all  .

Meanwhile in my bad crafting moment heres an owl the most overmade item of the year , but something my grandson has wittered for . It took his favourite outgrown onesie and scraps from round the house, a pattern from the internet and a couple of hours . He will likely use it as a football as a good five year old should , but Granny loves him so why should I worry .
Enjoy your Christmas , in whatever way you choose , keep a straight face at any comedy presents and remember Gin is the answer to many of lifes problems ..Byeeeeeeeee

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