Tuesday 3 December 2013

Bits and Bobs

Do you trawl through the rubbish they put on the pavement outside charity shops , not the bins I hasten to add but the stuff they write "take me please on"
. How could anyone just throw this in? I suppose its to tatty or not politically correct enough . Once again the Home for Retired Volumes has gained another resident  lol

Then theres these two beauties , permanent residents of House of Mould . My grandson loves the globe so
guess what hes getting for xmas .

Nobody knows everything that sells on ebay , im just a lucky guesser sometimes , this has been guesting for a while because i just liked it , but i have no use for it , popped willow pattern enamel into search and got a surprise ! cant find this two person tea pot but Judges enamelware is a seller so must make the effort and get this on , though how you price an item that nobody else has is always a poser

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