Wednesday 11 December 2013

Shock Horror ..I Bought A Christmas Decoration

Ok I bought this rather nice Winter King the nearest to a Santa I could stand, hes pot and really rather nice , I do like a proper furry bloke around the . I should be banned from the wonderful Rock Foundation in Grimsby he was a stunning 75p and the first time ive bought anything of a xmas nature for myself in about 10 years .

The fateful bit of the trip is pictured here , the women who runs it said "you like a bit of old stuff, these were going in the bin." theres this big sepia Riverside Gossip print , Victorian in origin , i will have to play hunt the frame for it , it can guest till i find one .
Then theres this water damaged water colour the mounts damaged but the picture will save , not signed and i would imagine its the work of a gifted amateur , I like the B side as well it has a page of the Leicester Mercury glued to the back from 1935 , love  the man who'd tried to drown his wife in the washtub. More for my to do pile im afraid, but life would be boring if i was a shopoholic in the malls instead
of the charity shops.

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