Sunday 3 November 2013

Whitby Goth Weekend

Im home complete with a severe case of mildew ,  what can I say Saturday at the Goth Weekend was excellent , very few pics im afraid the weather had other ideas . It started well, sunny and bitter wind but what else can you expect at this time of year . Theres something very surreal about standing in the car park machine queue with 2 very large Elves behind you . There were every kind of Goth , Steampunk, Victorian , Cyber Punk, Rockabillies and the entire cast of Lord of the Rings wandering around . Every shop was dripping black velvet , there was a custom car event that had Mr Bah Humbug licking the windows . The Leisure center had the Bizarre Bazaar , awesome jewellery and clothing , lots of retro and some rather scary sado masochistic stuff that was a little worrying .  Shoes to die for  , there were even several gothic themed weddings taking place . 
Funny sights of the day , were those wandering round in full costume with an embarrassed straight partner and the amount of bald blokes with bad wigs, they sail off in the wind really well .
Sadly the heavens did open and it really spoiled things , it was showers of biblical proportions , theres nothing sadder than a drippy goth a lace parasol isnt up to the job , plus a lot of people dont know how to handle big skirts and hoops in the rain 

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