Saturday 9 November 2013

Political Disgust

Some people are very naive about what goes on in this country , the manipulating of figures to convince us that things are improving . Funny I dont know anyone who is better off than they were this time last year . apart from us that is. This time last year Mr Bah Humbug was on "benefits " he had had major spinal surgery and the day he went back to work the receivers turned up and shut his place of employment down hed been there 23 years . He got the minimum government redundancy money which we used to pay a years worth of bills up front with , then he languished on Job Seekers for a year after 6 months he didnt receive anything and i was working 60+ hours a week to keep us all , we didnt qualify for a pennies help from anywhere apart from Child Benefit for my youngest then at college . Thankfully in the New Year he got a job , which is minimum wage , but its a job thats all hes bothered about . so this Christmas we will have heating, last year we saved the oil for xmas day .
Does this change your outlook on life ? of course it does , the kids are still horrified at my meaness ,but my jobs currently very erratic and the firm Mr Bah Humbug works for are struggling . I have tons of work till Christmas then it will dry up and i get a month with no wages , the joys of the zero hours contract im afraid . So ebay will have to pay the rent yet
But i always remember that there are people far worse off than us .

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