Wednesday 13 November 2013

Why did I buy this?

Aaaarrrggggghhhhhh....ive been buying stuff with no resale value yet again  lol...I was bored today and it was sunny, so a hike around Torksey car boot sale was on the agenda in my dinner hour .  I was nattering and setting the world to rights with my mate Jane ( see Jane you do get a mention ) moaning how id walked miles and bought nothing when i spotted this strange item that said take me home , its a mint condition empty 1960s Braun projector case , I havent a clue how i will re purpose this , there must be a use for it , for now it can be storage for the vivid blue planter I managed to get thrown in as well , it was such a lush 70s blue ,the only markings are Italy K2I  and if all else fails i noticed ive got a  broken a planter by the front door so it can go out in the spring .

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Torksey was a real disappointment today there seemed to be an awful lot of stalls selling fake branded boots and clothing , knock off cheap imitation perfumes etc but i suppose it is near xmas . There wernt even any decent vintage xmas items , there was an awful lot of stalls and if clothing vintage or otherwise is you resale thing , there was tons available .  I did see the dreaded Linen Lady with her big shopping bags trying to intimidate sellers yet again and a little old man whos been buying watches since i was a kid , I think its scary that ive been going to car boots since they first started in this country , i used to go to fairs and antique auctions when i was a kid with my mother . ..IM SO OLD

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