Saturday 23 November 2013

Be Grateful

Its Sunday morning 7am ive been up for hours, the 5 year old Muck magnet is already making the most of his mum still being in bed and watching daft TV and im on my third cuppa tea , the birds havent even started singing yet.  
All my American friends will be turkey wrestling , my English ones mostly having a Sunday lie in .
Weve had a funny couple of weeks as a family . My partner and I are both the product of divorced parents, my parents were a car crash , but they split and married great people , my step parents were awesome people they loved my parents till the day they died holding hands . Theres just my mum still alive now .
Sadly this week Mr Bah Humbug lost his mother , his parents were also a disaster together and went on to other partners , she sadly died alone . we have a big family feuding  funeral tomorrow and i dread it . all his siblings loath each other
Weve been together 7 years we have 5 great kids between us, thankfully we were to old to make any of our own but weve had my daughter and grandson living with us for 5 years , my son lives in the shed(dont ask) another  son is down the road keeping an eye on his 86 year old Grandad , it means he gets a big bedroom and him and Grandad are like a comedy sketch together . Our part time members are a son with Aspergers and Autism who lives with his mum but lodges here when she needs a break , which believe me she deserves.
But this brings to mind the eldest , shes always been the one who keeps her distance and shes fiercely independent . In the space of 2 weeks shes delivered by c-section Mr Bah Humbugs first grandchild all of his own, Ava, on the anniversary of her mothers death.  We were due to go visit on the weekend  her Grandma died , so her first outing will be to her Grandmas funeral and this will be the first time weve seen her for ages.
I wish we could make everything all right but it isnt ,im the step mum who stole her Dad as far as shes concerned . So tomorrow will be a sad but fraught occasion .
Unconventional families are so much the norm these days , were not the Waltons and Mr Bah Humbug just gets upset over it all . He says i mother them all to death . True, but i was never mothered at all .
So today its a be grateful for what you have, be it family , church or friends . If someone cares about you ,youre truly blest .

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