Thursday, 14 November 2013

Knitting Pattern Hell

Never Ever be fooled by a grinning little old lady behind the counter in a charity shop . "Ive been saving these for you " she says and lobs half a stone of knitting patterns in a Tesco carrier bag at me . But then I cheered up when she said "thats a £1 "
So ive spent a happy hour looking at bad taste knitting , trying to find that one that will make me a fortune  This is an example of the good stuff  (image stolen from ebay) these bad boys recently made £100 on a BIN, trendy woolies from the 30s to the 50s are selling really well at the moment.sadly these arent mine

 .Obscure Doll and Toy Knitting Patterns by Alan Dart and Jean Greenhowe can fetch £5 each upwards some considerably more ,Fireman Sam doll knitting pattern recently sold for £65 .

 Early Rowan Knitting Pattern Magazines , I sold mine to help fund my divorce . Gary Kennedy Intarsia Patterns , certain ones once again can fetch £30 plus. So never overlook the tatty pile of knitting patterns you never know what you might find , ive found dressmaking patterns and all sorts of obscure stuff in this pile of  90% rubbish  . Did I find any gems in this pile of tatty pages , I wont get rich but they will more than pay for themselves and then some


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