Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Sick of the Sight of Grimsby

Another couple of days in bonny Grimsby working for a living , how this place yields so much stuff that i enjoy is beyond me .  Ive spent a grand total of £3 today on lots of bags of treasure . I finally managed to get down to Cleethorpes today and do the best of the charity shops at that end . Care on the seafront is usually barren all summer but now its wet and cold the good stuff is starting to appear . they do know the value of what theyre selling so they can be a bit expensive if your buying to sell , then again its a big place with a lot of stock , if you want 70s dinner services theyre pretty reasonable , hornsea , wade ,denby , lots of various willow pattern oddments,pyrex . I was tempted by a gorgeous retro 70s floral sunlounger in mint condition , but im skint this week , they also had some olive green Alvingham that i was itching for, but i dont need another lamp base unless i was flush...lol.  I did grab the 2 glorious 70s orange glasses , may sell them for the right price .  

Then I wandered down to the Charity Garden on Mill Road . i love this shop ! and the lady who runs it , theyre a small independent charity and as she says if she can find a buyer she will sell it ..lol . Its tiny cramped and you have to root a bit . Todays gems are a pair of Porthmeirion votive holders , this amazing olive green Hornsea reindeer and eskimo mug who if he doesnt sell I could force myself to keep and the 2 little dollys that jumped in the mug when i wasnt looking .
Best of all , we were laughing at some of the strange stuff that gets donated and she pulls out a battered and mangled xmas tree complete with decorations that someone had left on the doorstep over night , she was just going to bin it when i noticed that the baubles were from the 50s and 60s.

 i couldnt get the tree in the car so we hacked the branches off with the baubles still attached , a lot were beyond saving but ive got an evening of trying to prise the good ones off in front of me

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