Thursday, 7 November 2013

Art & Snot

Still got the head cold , still menopausal but not quite so bitter and twisted today , maybe its because ive had a quiet day , only at work for a couple of hours .
So today I think I will show you my bad taste art ive purchased for £1 , Mr Bah Humbug is as usual horrified , its not as if these walls will take pictures ive a huge pile from the old house upstairs that he regularly trips over and moans at me to get rid off . But theyre staying I really dont want to face the fact that I might be stuck in this dreadful house for the rest of my days or until the council shovel us into some dire pensioners ghetto .
First up is this beauty , well i think it is anyway , not to big or heavy so may get away with hanging this one. 1960s  E Kruger Normill Print , still life of wilting sunflowers and poppies , love the colours . so much nicer than a Vernon Ward , it was sat in the£1 box at Age Concern just waiting for me to bring it home , frames a bit chipped and shabby but i dont mind

But then I went and bought this monster , I thought my daughter might like it she has a bit of a green theme in her life , but the look of horror on her boyfriends face put a dampener on that so its now hidden under the stairs . This is a dreadful photograph of it, its a skyline and stylised landscape , i imagine its a 70s print theres a signature i cant decipher, its huge and weighs a ton but i sort of like it the more i look at it , does anyone know of a website that you can post unidentified art at ? This was waiting with the Christians of Gainsborough to be rescued and rehomed , there pastor told me he had reduced it 5 times already and i got it for a £1 . You never know it could be worth millions

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