Friday 29 November 2013

Tins ..I love tins

I blame this post on you see we have a tin in common, so as requested its show us your tins day  The trouble with tins is that you can always claim theyre storage , so its a crafty way of having a hoard. Mine are mostly sewing storage and these all lurk within hands distance of my desk, theres an awful lot more hidden around the house.  Theres not been  lot of blogging this week mainly due to an attack of the Quasimodos , ive done something to my back and today its getting better but im struggling to balance on one foot and it makes it interesting to say the least . Work has been fun , but ive hobbled on and hopefully with a lay around like a cabbage kind of weekend . More like an ebay and direct the house elves should feel more me and less like a pill popping zombie by Monday .
so lets start with the oldest a gorgeous pair of Colmans mustard  commemorative Tins, these were probably the first tins i bought back in my teens , I had a huge collection of commemorative tins and china that ive whittled down to my favorites and family bits . Not valuable very tatty but i still find these beautiful The 1902 coronation of Edward the VII  and the 1893 Wedding of the future George V .

The Sewing Collection these really do have sewing bits in them , the red dragon huntley and Palmers was my mums sewing tin back in the 60s

BlueBird Toffee tins from the 50 and 60s they house my embroidery transfers and buttons (ok not all my buttons ), just popped a bit of Pyrex in their to relieve the boredom

And my latest acquisitions, A Queen elizabeth 60 years jubilee , now full of lace scraps and this Kitty cat who was so filthy i bought him for a £1 then found he was full of buttons bows and buckles , yet to be sorted properly im afraid .

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