Monday 18 November 2013

50p Purchase

You know when you just have to grab something because somebody else has just put it down. The Wonder Book of Children of all nations is now mine. snatched from the dump bins and dragged home to my lair .
I just took the chance that it might have some nice colour plates , it dates from 1919-20  not many colour plates at all , dilapadated and packed with vintage photographs though so well worth 50p .

The photographs are great from a social history perspective , if a little strange, this is a childrens book that has a section on torture and capital punishment.
Then i started to read it , now I know this is Age of Empire that i collect  , and Britannia ruled the Waves, but they havent got a nice word to say about any other race on the planet , reading this is not for the squeamish . Still read it though . but i think its going on the top shelf out of the way of anyone. so ive picked some nice photographs to show you today out of it
Canadian Indians 

Norwegian Daft Hats 

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