Monday 4 November 2013

Linen and Lace

While on my break in Scarborough and Whitby , I didnt buy a thing, apart from a new house number from a pottery in Whitby . I did however have to be dragged muttering from Mr Bah Humbug did have a point about me not needing more yarn . But this shop is just divine , housed in an old chapel in the old town at Whitby , it has a weird mix of everything from vintage to modern both in the knitting line and in general bric a brac . If you want to visit whitby online take a look at  they have far better pictures than i can manage to take .

 Meanwhile in the real world , always check the rag bag your about to throw away , ive just had a severe oops moment , inside a vintage filthy pillowcase was a big pile of vintage linens , theres big bits of lawn with fabulous hand sewn broderie angles , victorian school girl pinafores lace trimmed underwear , lots of lace trimmed clothes, runners and mats. Sadly it all needs a wash so will have to wait till spring , it was the first hard frost last night so with the price of electric theres nothing other than clothes will get washed now for a good few months , I do hasten to add i have mountains of spare bedding and towels that allows me to do this


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