Thursday 21 November 2013

Long Ago In A Land Far Away

Once upon a time , my dearly unbeloved ex husband bought me something nice. I hasten to add this was by chance . At an auction he managed to get 3 huge photo albums , all dating 1910 -14 , mainly because they were in such dreadful condition no one in their right mind would have bought them , except maybe me they had been soaked the pages were thick with mould and the smell was indescribable . we split up 3 weeks later
Fast forward 7 years and he handed me a big black bin bag with them still in , id filled the bag with loads of silica gel packets tied it up and hed shoved it in storage . Well it kinda worked , the smell had gone the mould had turned to dust a lot of the pages had rotted away , but a lot of the pictures were salvaged . One whole volume was Raj India and the far east, awesome social history shots which ive cut out and kept , but whover had filled the albums had done the world tour , America, Europe, North Africa, egypt and lots of places that only feature in old globes and atlases . so I broke them into groups and ebayed a lot , but im now on the last album take a look, theres a mixture of photographs and postcards , i have to make an effort and ebay these before xmas ..but real life is keeping me busy
San Carlos Mission 
Aboard the Franconia sailing  from New York

Ohio River 

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