Sunday 17 November 2013

Crafty Sunday

Its always good when ebay starts to throw free listings about , so today im trying to build up a pile of crafty listings on good old Turbo Lister . So then tomorrow i just have to press the magic upload button when I get in from work . The Trouble is I just keep finding more and more. lol . Plus theres all the usual domestic servitude tasks of a normal Sunday as well .
I think I will resort to grouping things together , with the cost of listing and Paypal fees its not really worth listing anything for less than £5 , unless im just glad to see the back of the item . So ive grouped a pile of Womens Institute booklets together

, im debating vintage dolls knitting patterns and vintage toy knitting . Ive separated issues 1-8 of Mollie Makes , that means ive faced the fact i will never make the herds of felt animals i kept them for . Ive mountains to do but my minds just not on it .

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