Wednesday 6 November 2013

Menopausal Bitchy Wednesday

I love the menopause and a head cold , every time i sneeze well , if youve reached that age you can guess . If its not my psoriasis turning me into a itchy leper , the hot flushes and  insomnia, its the constant aches and pains. I cant wait for it to be over with , I long for the day when I can officially be
Sit in peace and knit and sew , hanging  around waiting for the hearse, as my mother calls it .
Maybe I should launch a rant about mortality , I opened the paper this morning to lots of  back slapping self indulgant awards ceremonies somewhere, theres that scary looking Jada Pinkeyed Smith looking like a Mad Max extra , what was she thinking ? Theres Posh Spice looking like a twiggy melted waxwork snogging the face off her poor son , Stella Mcartney wearing something she designed in the dark with her thumbs tied together , A Kardasian of some description , might have been Twinky third cousin twice removed . Jennifer Aniston having a really bad hair day (there is a God. ) Mick Jagger and the Mrs. Is it me? or does it look like shes holding on to a Spitting Image Puppet ?
This is what were all supposed to aspire to? proof that money cant buy good taste, a decent plastic surgeon or the ability to see whats actually in the mirror ? So im leaving you with a pinny picture as i slope off to my cave with a Gin and Lemsip ...night folks

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