Saturday, 1 November 2014

Fabrically Challenged

Yesterday in the glorious sunshine i got to go to the seaside , bonny Sutton on Sea , a tiny seaside without loads of arcades , a couple of reasonable charity shops and a maze of a second shop . Didnt buy a thing . lol just enjoyed pottering about like a little old lady tourist .
My lunch hour was a little more productive.
Alford little market town on the way to the coast , 4 charity shops lots of antique and junk shops , havent seen a single nice xmas item yet , managed to pry myself away from a huge bag of black lace , that i will now discover i need , then popped into a new second hand emporium that has sprung up in the former ink cartridge shop , quite reasonably priced the usual antique items but they also had a few nice retro bits , including a pile of 70s fabric that leapt into my hands , a yard or so of vintage brown sanderson.

 And just what you need Vix yet more floaty nylon being as your having a bit of a phase with the sewing machine   send me an email and you can have it .

Also picked up what i thought was a nice big bit of pink cotton for the never ending pink quilt im hand stitching, from one of the charity shops  , it was sealed in a plastic bag and when i got it home its meters of stretchy fleece backed fabric, enough to make skinny bird pyjama bottoms out of , which works out well as i had to rag bag most of mine due to old age and disintergration, its a bit pink but i can live with that  ...Total spend for the day a whole £1.50 !!!

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