Thursday, 20 November 2014

Claremont Sheffield Private Hospital .

Do I feel Guilty at Mr Bah Humbug going to a private Hospital? Not a bit he went on the NHS Choices scheme so it didnt cost anything . Sheffield is a 70 mile trip each way and he had an operation there 2  years ago . Would we recommend the place yes , those who are there on NHS choices seem to get just the same treatment as paying customers the only difference being you dont get a complimentary goodie ...
The place is lovely ,single rooms ,carpet, spotless , its staff just as multiracial as every other hospital in the country , the big difference they all speak the queens english perfectly . The have a new designer reception area which contains the worst vivid yellow monstrosity of a sofa ive ever seen . They even manage to discharge you at the correct time with all your drugs and letters (my pet gripe with the NHS ) the only flaw ive ever found is the limited parking spaces
Anyway thats their bit of advertising for the day , theyre not chucking me a free boob job for the nice things i say about them either .
Mr Bah Humbug is doing well , he says he feels like he can dance ...mmmmm, he never could before ,but he can feel his foot and toes for the first time in 18 months.
Hes done the horrors of signing on for JSA this morning and is now plowing through the job ads , im hoping he finds something fairly quickly but i dont hold much hope out this side of xmas unless he just takes a dog job for the time been , agriculture doesnt take on till the spring and hes only happy with a spanner in his hand , personally i think hes just desperate to get away from the huge chore list i have for him

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