Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Welcome to Winter

Got up this morning to thick fog and bitter cold, so ive been rooting out my winter essentials , my USB heated gloves , my microwave slippers and of course my hijab , we can moan about the muslims taking over but the best article of clothing theyve bought into the UK is the black cotton hijab , great for pottering round an unheated house and for scaring the postman to death one of these days i shall wear one to take the munchkin to school , they tuck into the neck of your jumper a treat , plus they dont make you itch like so many winter woolies do .
While rooting for these items i went into the bottom drawer where you put things to forget and i had forgot all these items , can you believe i own a Bay City Rollers flexi disc? one upon a time most of these items were ebayed now they just languish forgotten in the bottom of drawers . I must have hundreds of vintage postcards kicking around , mainly from the 60s and 70s , cds that those of us who dont have more modern technology keep for old times sake , ancient plastic zoo and farm animals , AA vehicle badge property of Mr Bah Humbug , not sure how it ended up in my bottom drawer ?vintage bead trim in a little bark box, Guinness sport commentator , care bear badge ...its endless ..lol
So yes its pack rat day , im off to create something in the slow cooker with out of date mince from the Coop , get on with my mending and indulge in a little domestic servitude then stuff everything in the bottom drawer and forget about it again . My kids are going to need a bleedin big skip when im gone

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