Monday 3 November 2014


Ive decided what is wrong with my life , theres just to much choice in it . Ive lost the will to shop at some stage just because i cant cope with all the choices offered . im glad in some way that finances mean that my choices are more limited than most especially in the supermarkets . Maybe thats why  Lidl & Aldi do so well, you want a tin of beans there is a tin of beans , not 40 variety's , yes i am that sad that i once counted them in Sainsburys .
Xmas is on its way and the herds of delivery vans are calling , we live in a small cluster of 14 houses and in an average day theres about   2 deliveries an hour . give it another month and I dread to think . The munchkin has produced an endless list of xmas requirements and im informed he has been brought a tablet computer ...hes 6!!!!  My daughter informs me its because everyone else has one and he will be left behind . My thoughts on the matter , shouldnt he be concentrating on the 3Rs at that age ? plus i give it till Boxing day till its confiscated or broken . Im debating making him some onesie monsters from his outgrowns and buying him a shovel to dig holes with  , despite being told what i should get him .
At 6 hes drowning in a see of choices and nobody sees thats his problem , the endless arguments about what he wants for his tea what he wants to wear , what hes seen advertised on the TV . If he had no choices he would be so much happier , but then im only granny what do i know?
Hopefully my camera lead will appear eventually then i can get some ebay listing done and stop dwelling on the stuff i cant change

*update from daughter: it is not a tablet computer, its a learning tablet, an upgrade from his much loved outgrown 'my first laptop'.

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