Sunday 16 November 2014

Winter Sundays

The Sound of chainsaws, fog and the kids whinging theyre cold just cant beat a proper winter sunday . The weekly demoulding of the windows figuring out where i can hang yet more wet washing and of course a Carry On Film . Yesterday we had the horror of a 6 year old party thankfully at some commercial barn in Boston , the trip home a little bit like a trip into John Carpenters The Fog , munchkin was the worst behaved child there as usual and he had all of his equaly vile little counterparts, the plus note, they do a mean squirty cream and flake hot chocolate concoction for those of us who had lost the will to live . His cake was gorgeous and once cut we found it had a multicoloured interior . A very clever lady from Cranwell made it and the whole event was organised by my daughter i just had to attend and cough my way through the proceedings .

Tomorrow we have the joys of getting Mr Bah Humbug signed on as unemployed and applying for housing benefit because we have a sense of humour  . Then Tuesday its off to hospital he will go . a fun packed day at the Claremont in Sheffield , day surgery , you know the one where they pack you off home with serious painkillers for 24 hours then its up to your totally useless GP to look after you ,,weve been there so many times now its like a ritual and he really is the worst patient in the world .
Thanks for all your supportive messages , we will manage we always do , Its just good to know that people are out there . I dont think theres going to be much buying done for a while , i will have to craftily dig out some of the stuff ive got hidden for show and tell

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