Friday 14 November 2014

Just When You Think Things Cant Get Worse

Well at twelve today i get a text saying Mr Bah Humbug has been made redundant, I did wonder if hed smacked Pudsey Bear in the nose and been escorted off the premises, but no
It does seem a bit of a coincidence that theyve made him redundant 2 days before hes due to go off sick for more spinal treatment,  meanwhile ive booked a week off to play nurse and with a zero hours contract i get paid nada , so interesting times yet again at the house of nettle knickers.
He will get job seekers eventually, but it will take several weeks and my hours are so irregular that we are in deep doo doo yet again .
On a plus note this may be the point where it spurs the boys into employment, more to get away from the ogre on the sofa and his version of job club , than their  actual motivation to work , he does tend to get them up at 6am and provide endless chores for them.
plus point 2 , i will never have to smell the lousy chemicals hes been working with the last 18 months , no amount of washing ever got rid of it .
plus point 3 i get my tea cooked, hes a good if messy cook .
We will manage we did last time , he was made redundant from his last job  weeks after surgery 3 years ago   and he was out of work for a year .
He could have done with a couple of steady months before he goes back to the heavy nature of his last job , but to be truthful i think its time he looked at something a little less heavy .
We were expecting him to be off for some time so weve allowed for that , the food cupboards are bursting and i really do stockpile when we have the money , plus if it comes to the push i will go back to work fulltime and im not picky what i do

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