Friday 28 November 2014

Poverty & Black Friday

Sometimes being skint is a real pleasure, looking at all the folks scrapping over TVs in the shops was great fun from my point of view, I can honestly say even if I had thousands in the bank I wouldn't have bothered. Sadly Im a total dinosaur when it comes to consumerism, I don't replace anything till it dies, the one exception was my ex husband , I couldnt waste my life any longer waiting for him to pop off. 
Mr Bah Humbug is enjoying his time with the ranks of the unemployable, it's a mystery to us why the whole of Europe and Africa are trying to get here just to get to our wonderful benefits system, because it's so badly organised its a mystery how anyone ever gets paid anything.
Lets start at the beginning
FIrst you go to the government website and fill an application form in , this goes on forever then tells you that you can't make the application and gives you a number to ring, you ring them then spend a day trying to get through because of a system problem, you get through only to be told you must lie on one of the questions on the online form or it will reject the application???
Go back to the online form, lie , get to the end and tick a box saying everything is true and they can prosecute you if it isn't.....they will ring you in the next 3 days
Next morning they ring can you come for an appointment in 30 minutes? No we are on our way to hospital 70 miles away , not good enough , you will be sanctioned, get appointment for 2 days time. 
Attend appointment , they have the wrong name on the application its your fault....errrr no we have printed off copies online, they agree to adjust application. Why are you applying when you should be on sick, not sick , has long term problem but willing to work, argue for the rest of your life till the world has ended and the muppet behind the desk has doubled his brainpower by growing an extra brain cell.  A decision will be made somewhere by someone , they will write to him
This is just week one of our adventure in benefits land!!!!!!

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